interview question sent by Prashant Patil

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interview question sent by Prashant Patil

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:21 am


my self prashat patil, i am working in MNC company in ckt designer .............

1)how do you calculate metal resistance.
2)hpw do you calculate thermal resistance.
3)what are the types of different analysys.wht are those what is uses of that.
4)what is monte to run.
5)what is to run.
6)what is CMRR in op amp.
7)how you calculate stability in an op amp.
8)what is PSRR how to calculate.
9)diff b/n nmos and pmos.
10)how do you find offset.
11)how do you find gain and phase margin.
12)what happens source and bulk are connected to 0.5v in nmos.
13)working of comparator.op amp and BGR.
14)matching,different types of matching.

note:if you have any interview question please share me.



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